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Stronglifting for Better Self: Great way to raise your consciousness

Stronglifts for better self

I have been very fond of cooking, working out and eating…you can say that I have an evergreen appetite and I won’t mind an extra serving even if my tummy was full. I am particularly fond of experimenting with different cuisines and have a record of taking over kitchen when needed (Extra guests, cooking on coal or wood or even setting things right when someone’s kitchen needs correction)

I have sat for long duration in last couple of years…but then I have been in “Office” and “Cubicles” for almost 2 decades. Not that I never exercised but I have been irregular. I am little on the plump side and have been carrying a tyre on my tummy for almost 15 years.

I also had a back ache resulting from an injury while working out when I was 20. Nothing serious but I would feel a lingering pain sometimes in the same place…as I grew older I would have this pain when standing for longer duration particularly full day office training sessions.

With this and the fact I have already crossed 40 one would avoid workouts… right?

But then it was around 2 years back I was working on an assignment that required me to write copy in the “Muscle building” niche. I chanced upon a thread about stronglifting and then it was a fall down the rabbit hole…

I was in love with Strong lifting and no kidding I touched the elite class with 104 KG deadlift and squats within 3 months. I saw a massive change in not just how I felt from inside but also how I saw the world.

A deadlift or a squat is actually a very “simple” exercise until you know how it is actually done. I had seen weightlifting many times in the past but never ever connected with what goes on in that lift and shift of weights…

These exercises are particularly appealing if you are awakened from inside… While these exercises seem simple you can’t just pull them off without proper mental and physical discipline. Don’t mistake me if you were brash and funny on this one…you can easily get seriously injured.

If you didn’t know stronglifting is actually seen people walking with crèches never need one at the age of 80. They walked into the Gym with crèche and then they didn’t need them anymore. It seems in the stronglifting world a “stronglifter never dies unable to walk because of old age”

If you want explosive strength that comes from inside…see what human mind is gifted with…you gotta try stronglifting… whatever age you are. But yes do it at your own risk and proper guidance.

You would want to watch the video below to know more like it…

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