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Who is Arshad Hasnain

A lot of people say they know thyself. And let me tell you that’s not the truth.

I will give it a try and lets see how far we can go.

I am a believer, a strong believer in the almighty and I am not sure how that happened or when it happened. I continuously strive to find more within myself and wonder about the abundant universe he has created.

I can guarantee you that we might pray differently, have varied beliefs, live different lives and be culturally different, even living in different hemispheres of this world,  but we are no different when it comes to seeking belonging, love and happiness.

I am a learner and love to pick up new things and passionately discover them like a child. From the times of childhood I have seen myself in different forms, concerns and objectives. Some of them where necessary and are called part of growing up. Others where the things I was drawn into.

Of all things in this world our primary concern is to realize our potential in this life, contribute, make a difference and look back some day and see that we where worthy of the lifespan we had.

Now this inference doesn’t come easy and we see it differently depending on the phase of life we are in.

Normally you have a hamster wheel waiting for you as soon as you are born. We are designed to jump into this and run really fast. It does have its own advantage and disadvantages.

What is a Hamster wheel? you might ask. So we also call it rat race.

Its routine life we follow. Go to sleep, wake up, get a shower, drive to office, sit in a cubicle, punch the card reader, drive back home, watch television, cash a paycheck every month or two weeks. Repeat that till retirement and die one day.

We like the hamster wheel because it keeps us in motion and lets us feel we are making great strides in life moving forward. But the truth is you are right there where you are. You just keep spinning, spinning and spinning, Its like a constant action but no real progress.

Are you with me?

So this explains most of us in a best way possible. As you can see the hamster wheel is very deceptive, highly hypnotic and extremely seductive and most of the people choose it and many are even happy with it.

Now if you are reading this and have come so far I know for sure that you are either a person who wants to jump off the hamster wheel or someone who doesn’t want to get on one in the first place.

I jumped off the hamster wheel around 1 and half years back with a typical stint expected of us. It did pay me for my house, car, expenses and a descent life. Nothing wrong with that! But as you see I want more from myself, much much more. And there’s only one way to do that.

Come out from the comfort zone and be delusional.

Yes, Nothing less than being crazy is needed, to get more from yourself. I have been repeatedly putting myself out of my comfort zone.

  • One point of time I used to smoke 12-24 Cigarettes a day- I called it quits some 3 years ago cold turkey.
  • I had child hood fear associated with water I wanted to overcome it and learn swimming. No I did not go beat Michael Phelps. I can now swim in multiple styles…some of which are not easy to master.
  • I always wanted to write – I now regularly Ghostwrite eBooks, Articles and even scripts for Videos. (I now have repeat customers and a long list of positive reviews on copy written)
  • I wanted to learn web development – I am now an expert on WordPress. and have a complete business with full end to end offering on web development and Internet marketing. Tell me something WordPress can’t do and I will tell you how.

As I am getting good at this, I want to work with more and more people and help them succeed.

I was not on CNN, CNBC, ABC or Fox, I have not written my best seller yet or made a million dollars. But who knows I may or may be not, may be do something better and that!

To Your Success!

Arshad Hasnain

Arshad Hasnain

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