Is Teamwork Overrated: Being Better Self

Continuing from where we left yesterday… (Is teamwork overrated)

I made a point (if you will) about why Individuality is important.

Why would you want to enhance your individuality?

Is it worth it?

Is it better than being a team player?

Firstly let’s appreciate the fact that an individual as it may sound be a single lone entity is not really so…

The human brain contains roughly 86 billion neurons and 85 billion non-neuronal cells…

It is almost impossible for us to second the teamwork that neurons display.

Then that is just the tip of the iceberg… the human body is a complex combination of 11 systems that work in tandem… It would put any human-made system to shame.

That’s not all every human carries an entire system of the microcosmic world that affects your immunity, digestion and even thinking…

My simple question to you is have you ever considered coming to terms with your own psycho-physical being?

Are you using your own system to its full capacity?

And here comes the important question…

If you are here in this conscious world with such capabilities why do you feel incomplete?

Why do you limit yourself to what you can do and achieve? Why is that you continuously talk yourself out on what you could possibly do?

Why are you always waiting for a miracle to happen that would lift your spirits, bring a fortune and change your destiny?

Why are you so unsure of yourself?

If you ask me it just because we have been conditioned to think that way…

We are so adjusted to the reality we have created for ourselves that its almost impossible to escape self-doubt… we need continuous reassurance on what we are capable of doing.

Come out of the status quo of getting trained and certified for everything.

A lot of profitable (and biggest businesses) today are headed by college dropouts and they went on to employ the brightest minds in the world working for them…

The college of “hard knocks” is much more capable to make you “better self” than any school or college you will ever enroll.

For a lot of things, you want to do many are within your reach if you just went on and tried. But then you will have to appreciate the “powers” you always had and never felt like you had them.

Start with strengthening your individuality…know who you are, get a better understanding what you want in life.

When someone comes into this world or leaves it he is all ALONE… See if you can be a better human being with what you have been blessed with…for a change be a responsible citizen of this world.

Appreciate the expanse of this universe…think about the creator and creation of this ultimate universe…Why are you here?

You have all the power to see your best version of self. Do whatever you want and achieve everything in life that you crave for… Teamwork you already know…Time to appreciate your individuality!

Not sure how you can start this journey? I can guide you…Click here to book a quick self-discovery session.

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