1-To-1 Online Coaching on Digital Marketing


Need help in getting started online or breaking all records on sales growth. One to One coaching is what you need. Book a 1 hour session for just 2000 and you will never look back.



Getting the inertia out of the way and doing the right thing… It does not come naturally. And when you want to make reall progress fast. Getting a professional coach is best option. Here is what I can help you with:

  1. Starting a business online
  2. Creating your or your business persona
  3. Developing a message for you or your brand
  4. Getting leads for your business
  5. Converting leads for your business
  6. Online and offline sales strategy and execution
  7. PPC campaign management
  8. Website copy
  9. Content pipeline development
  10. Email marketing
  11. Sales funnel development
  12. Go to market strategy



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