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Get your Pro Website Ready (Without a hole in your pocket)

Get outta here you say...

Getting a Pro level website calls for big money and time.

Well you are right in a way but also wrong. Why?
Let me explain…
If you had not been living under a rock we are living in a fast forward time. Today you can almost get anything for free and then spend a lifetime getting it right.
You can even spend a fortune from the word go and find yourself lonely when it comes to lead generation and sales.
So the problem is not how much you can spend. The problem is can you find someone who knows these things “Through and through”.

This would boil down to:

I know, I know its not that simple… but only if you know how to solve the 3 problems above. All other things are a subset of these.

These 3 items call for completely different skills and competencies.

It might well be outside budget and patience for most of the people and businesses.

Not because they can’t find one but that they keep getting their fingers burnt or run out of patience.

This doesn’t have to be so difficult…
What if I told you I know someone who can do this for you. Not just get your website off the ground but be available to you to make it work. Forget all the problems and hindrances you have in mind, this guy will get you through.
Now I know how can you be so sure you ask?

This would boil down to: The person should have-

And did I tell you. I am letting you talk to that person for FREE. When he can actually charge for this and you would be happy to pay?

Not just that…

If you like what you discuss and both are a good fit this Website will cost you hardly 7000/- (Only hosting and Domain). Consider this as my leg up to you because you have the courage to solve your problem.

There's no charge for website development.

So in less that 7k you can have a Website/MVP ready and you may well be on your path to success.

There’s one problem though and I can‘t solve it for you. What’s that?

You not talking about what you want to do. Remember you have someone who is ready to help you.

Whether you are an individual toying with consulting or an online store. A professional like dentist or lawyer with a dead website. A business unhappy with inflexible “Website developers” or no show of leads or sale.

Whatever your case you can book a FREE consult with this person I told you about. Right now!

And did I tell you…I know him well.

Get started now:

What do you get?

Go to market

Whatever idea you have...how fast can it go in front of the right customers?


Making your imagination a reality on your website.

Lead Gen System

Landing page, lead capture and conversion to assess and optimise.


Email based support on during and after the project is completed.

Focussed Website To Implement

So what are the next steps?

Once your purchase is confirmed we move to serious brainstorming on the ideas we discussed initially. Then I give it a practical shape on a website in next 7 days.

Typically you would see the MVP website within 7 days or less.

One Condition

You will have to buy Hosting plan by clicking the link I share with you. This is only after we agree to work together.

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