Kick start! How to find a Niche?

Being a successful marketer has many advantages. One of them is ability to connect a market need with a right product. (or vice versa)

Now this is not an ability every marketer possesses by birth. It develops by learning, trial and error, hands on experience. In this journey you have to try out different products and see if you can reach the right audience. Then find out best ways to connect with them. Once done right, you get people interested. Now they don’t mind parting away with their hard earned money.

So if you are just starting what are the things you could do to start on the right foot?
There are two options:

1. You create and market your own product. (Start your own business)

2. You market other peoples products. (Work for someone)
Irrespective of what you do one thing is for sure…

You need to find a niche.
So what is niche?

How should you target a proper niche? (That’s profitable)

Why should your niche match with your interest? (Passion always beats the competition)

Think of a niche as your playground where you play a specific game. You know the rules. (so you can bend them) Your interest in this niche is multi-fold. Its not just a make money vocation but something you like doing and getting paid for it.

Now theirs one more important thing. The niche you choose should be profitable. Less competition and high demand is what you are looking far.
Here are some niches for example

  • Food
  • Fashion
  • Personal finance
  • Blogging
  • Lifestyle

Get the idea? Now if you understand what niche is and you identify a niche that also matches your interest. You are on the right path.

Next understand the importance of content. Content is critical in digital marketing. Good content can not get you loads of free traffic. It can also increase engagement and in turn have an impact on conversion rates.

Consider content as a bridge between a prospect and the product or service. Content includes everything from blogs, videos, podcasts info-graphics to memes. Anything you can create or curate that can possible draw visitors and keep them engaged.

Find out what is of your liking. Do you like to write or shoot videos for example. Find out the issues and problems faced in your niche. What are the trends? Design relevant and valuable content that your audience will love.
So far so good. Now where do you put all this content and how do you monetize it?

Well the easiest way is to set up a niche website. That’s right. Develop a website that addresses a specific niche. Go deep into it. Raise the right questions. Solve the problems.

What does that do? Well, If you operate in a niche pretty well. Like have a website that’s at-least 6 months old and has loads of good content. You start getting organic traffic. This is the traffic that comes from search engines like Google. Simply put people search keywords and land on your website. This opens up other nice to have problems. Like how do you keep your bounce rates low and how do you monetize?

Let’s talk about all that little later…
For now remember that if you have found a niche its time to get started with a niche website. This calls for 2 immediate steps

  • Booking a domain and
  • Buying a hosting service

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