The Psychology of Your Website Visitor

So what goes in the mind of your website visitor? What is he doing on your website? What does he want? Why is he there? Well if you can know that in advance and plan out to give him what he exactly wants. He will be a happy visitor.
Now what does that mean?
Well a happy visitor has high chances of clicking your offer, turning into prospect and a paid customer. Then the question is there are millions of website out there. Some of them have great traffic. But then why do they fail to engage, generate leads or make enough sales?
Its much easier to explain this than you think. When a visitor is on your website he is looking for some answers. And you better give them quick and right. Here are the questions he is asking-
  1. What am I doing here?
  2. How do I do it?
  3. What is in it for me?
  4. Where do I go from here?
That’s why planning is important to finish a great copy. If you fail to plan your plan to have a great copy fails. Now its not just about copy either. You should also be using design and navigation to its full capability.
Now if your design and navigation (usability) could not provide an obvious answer you can still do it with your copy. It is important that you answer these questions to all your website visitors. Not just the ones who are visiting you the first time.
Remember that your website visitors want these details on a platter. Half of the visitors will not even bother to working out answers to these questions on their own. The other half won’t succeed.
That’s where good copy differs from an average copy. Good copy not only answers all the questions but does them in a fashion that’s relevant to the visitor.
And that brings us to the next important point…
Understanding your core audience.
You got to understand who your core audience are and your copy should address the most important visitors directly. So your copy should be focused on what you can do for them. The trick there is to use the right words. Use the words that you core audience are not looking for and you have lost it.
Its also recommended that if you want to address two different types of audience do that by directing them to different pages.
Remember you have hardly few seconds to make the first impression. If you don’t hold the attention with right copy your visitor will bounce of in a snap. (Never to be seen again) They will go and convert where their questions are answered. May be at your competitors.
So be factual and let it speak for itself. Your descriptions should be nothing less than compelling. Avoid making them too long and hyped. While some hype is always necessary. Too much of it will repel your visitors.
Most of the visitors are not ready to buy immediately. Purchase does require certain level of “courtship”. You got to qualify your visitors and take them from the level of awareness to making a commitment. And so writing for each level is different and does require careful arrangement of words.
You can use these tips yourself or hire a professional like me to do your stuff. I tend to feel generous on weekends and prefer cranking a great copy for fun.
What does it cost? Depends on what you want get done. Best way to find out is to hit me up or schedule a FREE 15 minute discussion by clicking here.

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