Website Critique


What is your “offer” ? Yes whatever you do… Are you clear with your offering? I have seen multiple businesses doing pretty well…but keeping their customers confused and leaving a “hell lot of money” on the table.


In Digital Marketing the story starts when someone searches for your product or service (organic traffic) or engages with an advert on social media. (Paid traffic) And then… you make it difficult. REALLY DIFFICULT for your prospect to do business with you. If you think I am joking I am not. If you think your digital marketing or website is ALL STARS and you’re ACES when interacting with your prospects… hit me up! (You can do better) If you are a business doing a minimum revenue of +1million I will show you the ugly truth for just 4500 bucks. I bet you would have never thought it existed and you would happy (very very) to stop those leaks. Click here to book your 30 minute CRITIQUE. ( Will also include a 30 minute discovery session free of cost)


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