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Why Book A Domain Name In Your Name

There are lot of advantages in booking a domain in your own name…No I am not against booking a domain in your business name but there are specific advantages of branding yourself online. And in this article we will look at some of the top ones.

Main Concerns When Booking Domain In Your Name

  1. How will I use it…Will it really help?
  2. How will it help my business?

You must have heard about the saying…

People don’t buy from companies but Individuals

And if you look around that is so true…The probability of your product or service being sold most of the time rests on the effectiveness of touch-point with the customer. Yes you can build a brand in your company name but then you are pitched against the army of brands that are fighting in the market for their recall in customers mind.

Most of the bigger companies and corporations will never brand there company based on an individual as that is seen as a risk for the stakeholders. That actually works in favor of smaller companies and professionals who want to go to market and be identified with the values that they carry as a person. This is particularly easier as you already know your forte. In many cases you would already be in market with your product and service when a person and company name is pitched together the person always wins. (When you have a brand identity)

You might be thinking if all your investment in the company name just went bad 🙂 No that’s not the case…but marketing yourself will have better emotional connect with your customers and people will identify with your product and services better. Once done effectively this transforms you from an individual to an online personality that attracts engagement and is more approachable and interactive.

This is a success formula is easy to understand for professional service providers…Think Consultants, Gym Instructors, Freelances, Doctors, Engineers, Lawyers, Coaches, Cooks, Carpenters, Plumbers or even attic cleaners.

But notice the interesting thing here, how easy it will be to find clients if you are branded with a skill…I hope you get my point here. Same applies to any product or service and just needs the right pitch.

What is the Right Pitch?

The right pitch for the business owner is different than what is for the company. You as a brand reflect the expertise, the meat and flesh of the skill which invites engagement and effortless customer acquisition without being Salsy at all.

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