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Small Internet Business Ideas – Idea #5 : Blog For Money

There are more websites on the internet than the hairs on your head…(until you are bald like me) but then the point is all of them are looking for meaningful content that helps them win more and more readers who are ready to engage. This throws a big opportunity for the people who want to make quick money with just penning down good stuff that would go on websites that reward writers handsomely. just a word of caution if you are a complete newbie to this be patient and learn…don’t just give up without even giving it a proper try.

The advantage of this arrangement is that you don’t have to have a website. So let’s jump in…

  1. iWriter: The biggest advantage of iWriter is that it serves well in either case…if you are just starting or already an advanced writer. The membership is free and you can quickly ascend to make some serious money. I have personally known people who have make a living out of this platform. Some words of caution… that there is a learning curve on what is acceptable on the platform if you are serious read their terms and conditions fully and comply with the rules of the game. Initially you might find the system bit hard on you and payments nominal. But you will soon realise that if you can write what your clients need and able to garner good feedback you quickly move levels up to earn more. Optionally if you are already an advanced writer you can go for the paid version and give yourself a leg up on the earning you make.
  1. com : Blogmutt is for U.S based writes only and will ask for a valid SSN. The good thing about this platform is that it pays you $8 for up to 350 words. Writing assignments are keyword based and they have to be picked up from a queue you have to provide your own title to the posts. Your write-ups are then either selected by the clients or they may request for further edits. Registration is free, followed by a quick English grammar test.Blogmutt works on a points system and the more your content is purchased more points you receive.
  1. : Fiverr is not just a content platform but allows you to go to market with a range of micro jobs. You can register for free and get paid in the manner you set your offer. The thing I like about this platform is that for starters it’s a great “testing ground” If we limit our discussion to writing for now…You may look at what approach other people are taking to sell their writing gigs and what seems to work best. You can then quickly adapt to the needs of the market and put forward an offer. When you land an order you full fill it in the terms that you set for these orders.
  1. Linkedin Jobs: This is more of a traditional approach but it still works. Linkedin Job boards are great way to land in a writing assignment. Just to mention this will work better if you have had some experience already in writing and can possibly pitch a portfolio to your potential clients. The thing to be noted here is that there are a hundred places you can post your articles for free and share those links with customers if you want…just build some kind of a credible collection of your posts that reflect your area of expertise.
  2. Problogger job Board: This is a well reputed platform in the writing circles. Here you can find very high quality work. The only flipside being that this website is not very newbie friendly and you may end up confused and dejected unable to make sense of what is going on here until you quickly rise on learning curve.
  3. org: This website accepts motivating stories about people who achieved a goal, overcame challenge or learned a helpful lesson through their faith. Guidepost pays you when your post is accepted for publication. Full length stories are expected to be of about 1500 words. The emphasis is to write from a vantage point of the individual who is most effected by the experience.
  4. com: The interesting thing about chickensoup is that it pays you approximately $200 if you work is published. They accept stories about something that happened to you or someone you know as well as poems. The flipside is you may have to wait 1 to 2 years to see your work published in Chicken Soup for the soul series. The other bonus worth mentioning is that you get 10 free copies of the book as bonus.
  5. Clarksworld : “Clarkesworld Magazine is a Hugo, World Fantasy, and British Fantasy Award-winning science fiction and fantasy magazine that publishes short stories, interviews, articles and audio fiction.” If you are serious about making a mark in published work as well as make some good money like $500 to $1400 per post this is your bet! The have a 1000 to 1600 word limit and accept science fiction and fantasy for fiction category. They also accept non- fiction that appeals to readers of science fiction, fantasy and horror.
  6. Asimov’s Science Fiction: As you might have guessed Asimov’s is an established name when it comes to science fiction. There pay packet starts with $250 per story and the expect length starting from 1000 words to up to 20.000 words. They also pay you $1 per line for the poetry and expect them to be within 40 lines. You can know more about it by clicking the link above.
  7. Readers Digest: If you know Readers Digest is famous for its readers stories and they are always looking for new stories and content. They pay you $100 per story regardless of the length of the story. If you are regular working on write-ups this is the place your should definitely test out a submission or two.
  8. A List Apart : This website is dedicated to the people who make websites and its always looking for fresh content. They publish 3 types of contents and the pay starts from $200. They seem to be very open minded and clear with what they expect from you and also promptly provide you feedback and necessary assistance unlike many other publishing houses. Click the link above to read more. They provide clear instructions on how to get started with them and I strongly feel this is a place you should not miss.
  9. The Layout : The layout is a website dedicated to WordPress. The Worlds most used content management system. They accept anything word press related and pay you $50 to $150 per post. Again there instructions are pretty easy to follow and they are very positive of working with you on an outcome. This is also a good bet if you are looking at gaining some authority juice in the content management system world.

Allright so much for now on Blogging for money. I strongly recommend you to stick with one method for the start and really learn it in depth. Choose something of your liking as you will have to stay in the game for a bit to really start seeing some result. Also have a look at other methods to making money online by clicking the links below and the most important even before you jump on this bandwagon read “Before You Get Started” for a solid foundation.

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