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Small Internet Business Ideas – Idea #4 : Consult, Train, Coach or Mentor

Teaching, mentoring, coaching or Consulting is a great enterprise on the internet which can be done from the comfort of your home without any substantial investment if you want to. This definitely calls for some level of expertise or authority in the given area. Perhaps you already carry a skill or interest area that is in demand…You can always expand on your areas of interest and learn new skills that are in demand if needed and then go and teach them.

This is something very favorable if you are already having a certain level of expertise in a certain area, for example, painting, foreign language, cooking, baking or gardening. On the other hand, if you have been earlier a part of professional services for a corporation or a business house you can always start your own business consulting. Think of law, company affairs, marketing, SEO, Content, or even health and fitness and have your own successful online businesses

Here I am listing some steps to get started as a Consultant, Trainer or Mentor. Please note that this may not be the only way to get started with online home based business ideas. But this is what I recommend based on my experience.

  1. Get your Brand in place: The first step is to think about how you want yourself and your business to be perceived. Have your logo and stationary done accordingly? Communications is always the greatest opportunity to create a perception that is favorable to your brand and brings in more business.
  2. Book a Domain and hosting service: Now it’s time to book a domain and hosting service. If you have already given thought on branding you would just go and register your domain name. (Company name or Your own name) from a service like Bluehost. The plus point with going with them is that you get the domain name free with the hosting service.
  3. Document your offer clearly and concisely on your website: Now it’s time to pitch your product or service clearly and concisely to your audience. Don’t get too fancy here…make things simple to understand and easy for your customers to reach in and discuss to take future steps or just buy your products and services. This is ideally achieved by designing a landing page.
  4. Fix logistics issues: Now fix the logistics issues like- are you planning to have your customer’s book time with you? Or you are planning to just collect their contacts and reach them out yourself. Or you just want them to be on an autoresponder before they are qualified to the offer. Whatever the case may be it has to be tied up with the landing page to create a funnel that works as a system to qualify and capture leads.
    Here you also need to sort out how you will accept payments from your clients and also clearly capture the cancellation and refund policy.
  5. Plan and Execute Services: Now it’s time to deliver the service you promised and this is the moment of truth. It always helps to have tools, templates and techniques worked out in advance so that you execute what you promised in style. This also helps build your perception of a “go to guy” or gal for getting the job done. This is the place and time that will decide your future goodwill and its spread through “word of mouth”

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Alright so that much for now on Internet small business ideas – Starting your own Consulting training or mentoring service. Again take action don’t just sit there gazing on the screen. Try and fail fast if you have to…there are so many things you can do all by yourself working from home internet business opportunities. If you liked what you read here or otherwise do share, like and comment and ask if you have any questions and I will be glad to answer them. Ciao!

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