Small Internet Business Ideas – Idea #1: Become An Affiliate

Before we jump on the idea number one for internet business opportunities I assume you have read the “Small Internet Business Ideas – Before You Get Started” Its important because even before you start with anything you need to know what is required… This shall equip you better on what to expect and be in position to move fast when it comes to learning.

Ok so much for planning things about yourself,,, now lets quickly go to #1 online home based business idea.

  1. Become an affiliate: The easiest way to get busy with your online business opportunities from home is to simply become an affiliate. There are hundreds of affiliate programs available and they come in varied shapes and sizes. here are some you could get your feet wet in no time.
    1. Amazon affiliate program
      Amazon is one of the world’s biggest marketplaces. Many big companies and bloggers prefer amazon affiliate program for ease of use and its effectiveness. Amazon affiliate program is location based and you have to apply for a specific location where your target group is. You can earn up-to 12-15% of the sale amount depending on what you are promoting and programs running from time to time. Its a great way to make big passive income if you are patient with setting up niche websites and driving traffic through SEO. For example you could set up a website on Mobiles or Gadgets and write a review on the top offer available promoting your affiliate link to add substantial extra income.
      How to sign up? Lets say if your target group is in the U.S you should sign up to the Amazon U.S associate program using this link. Like wise if your target group is from Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand or India you need to sign up for affiliate program of that country.
    2. Join a comprehensive course on Affiliate Marketing like Affilorama. You can become a member totally free and you get to learn affiliate marketing starting from the basics. This course is like a quick start which helps you with everything from road-map, necessary and advanced training to tools that can take your business to next level. If you are someone who wants to capitalize the power of leverage and expertise of others than learning everything the hard way on your own Affilorama is the way to go.
    3. Buy the Internet marketing essentials and promote the products as an affiliate. Anyone who wants to make it long term in online internet business will need the bare minimum following. Why not turn this right on his head by buying these products for your business and also promoting them as an affiliate. Notice that you will have much better understanding of these products as you would have already used them for yourself.
      • Domain name and Hosting: As an online business you and your clients will repeatedly need domain names and hosting services. Which you can get from the service providers like Bluehost. They have offers running most of the time where you can get a domain name free with hosting.
      • Keyword Analysis Tool : Keywords are the backbone on any online business and any internet business requires a quality keyword analysis tool like Market Samurai. With this you can strive for higher relevancy, better traffic, low competition and higher commerciality keywords. The best part is you can get started with this tool totally free right here. The paid version helps you with advance SEO tasks like SEO competition analysis, keyword research and promotion.
      • Onpage SEO tool: When you start working on content for your website you will realize the importance of having everything SEO compliant from the word go. A tool like SEO Pressor is the secret behind success in terms of faster monetisation and hands free approach to having multiple blogs in variety of niches. SEO Pressor takes care of the SEO for not just the content you develop on your website but also the entire gamut of LSI, Readability and automated SEO audits across the website.
      • Email Marketing Tool: Developing a email list is often stressed as an lifeblood to any small internet business and that is not far away from the truth. Most of the successful online businesses continuously develop an email list using email marketing applications like Aweber or Getresponse both of them offer a free trial to begin and that really gives you an added advantage to getting used to it without spending any money to get started. This basically involves using a lead magnet to collect email ids of the people interested in a particular offer or niche and them keep them engaged also promoting and making money in the process.
      • Landing page Application: If you get serious about promoting your business or even doing things the right way and transforming yourself from a rookie to an advanced player you will need to have landing pages specific to the offer. Normally a lot of business keep this aside for too late and then realize that they left lot of money on the table. Landing page solutions like Leadpages or Clickfunnels give you superpower of creating landing pages on the fly and serve your market with high degree of professionalism.
      • Link Tracking: Link tracking and masking is a great necessity for your business to reduce risk of running over by domain blacklist or simply keeping a track of clicks received and maintaining a hygiene to promoting offers. An application like Clickmagick goes a long way in not only protecting your interests but also providing your some great tools and training to take affiliate marketing to whole next level.
      • High Ticket Affiliate Offers: Alright so far so good but there is a little secret that not many online businesses will never share with the newbies… To actually multiply your returns and make real money online you need to work with high ticket affiliate programs. These high-ticket affiliate programs can bring in 6 figure income with a single sale and therefore very powerful. They are very easy to set up as most of the support is provided by the operators themselves. Now to get to know more about this kind of program you will have to contact/work with me directly.
        Click here and fill up the information required to learn more about high ticket Affiliate programs.

Alright so that was for the affiliate programs for the start. There are numerous other Small Internet Business Ideas that you can get started immediately. More on that follows…Watch this space for top online business opportunities. I would suggest you put to action as soon as possible what you have read and found here. The biggest enemy of our success is procrastination and self sabotage. So Implement quickly what you have learned so far.

Let me know if this helps you or if you have any questions…I will be glad to help. Leave your comments below.

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