Invest in yourself meaning & How to get started…

Starting and managing an on line business is not an easy task. This process requires a lot of effort, soul searching and self-development in various areas. For one, the aspiring businessperson has to be in charge of everything from top to bottom. Then he fully owns all the success and failures that he or she faces in a venture.
There is no body to put blame on or escape from the failure. You will have to see through every failure, learn from it and march ahead to do things differently.

You must equally learn to wisely manage their time. On line businesses are jealous endeavors, especially at the beginning of the ventures. You must therefore ensure that you have sufficient time and undivided attention that is necessary for running a business operation. You will have to organize yourself in much better way as most probably you will be juggling this with your day job.

Furthermore, it is important to assess the various skills and expertise needed for the business. The potential entrepreneur thus has to enroll in courses and learning programs that best enable him to go that extra mile, even as he seeks extra advice from those already established.

The potential businessperson must be humble enough to accept that s/he may not have all the skills necessary for the business. For example a lot of us seriously underestimate selling and marketing involved in any business.
Whether you have product of your own or promoting a product of someone else selling is required in some way or other.

Enabling character development is of utmost essence in preparation to begin and manage an on line/offline business. All businesses, just as any other kind of business, have their fair share of pitfalls, disappointments and challenges. These can be in the form of poor sales seasons, employee issues, emerging government regulations, and many more.

You have to ensure that you always respond to prevailing challenges in a manner that it will sustain the daily operations of your business. However, if you as a leader of the undertaking crumble under pressure, it is highly likely that the venture is destined for failure. Therefore, the individual who runs a business must be one who is patient, understanding, flexible, teachable, confident, optimistic, good communicator and listener, as opposed to rash, intolerant, rude, proud, vulgar, and rigid.

Investing in Yourself
The most profitable investment you shall ever make is in yourself.

Investing in yourself is the best investment.

You should always be investing in your personal and professional growth. This is going to determine your quality of life not only today but in the time to come.

If you are interested in your current professional engagements read the latest publications, case studies, books and articles and follow the news on recent developments. This shall give you new perspective to solve business problems and also give you insight to grow yourself and your business.
Also don’t forget the creative side. Learn new things and develop new hobbies as it helps to rewire your brain and stay young however old you get. Think of learning new language, gourmet cooking, writing, gardening, painting or music. Anything you like, you will be surprised when the leanings will come in handy in not only solving business problems but also making new Friends.

So make a budget of what you will spend on your own personal or professional development every month. You are living in the age of information revolution. As I said earlier you may well become an expert in any area of your choice, well within few months. If you stick to it. Start Today!

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Your Reptilian Brain – The Problem Is Your Mind

Let me ask you how will you describe yourself? Just do this exercise- Try to write down 500 words about yourself like who your are, what is your background and what you want to do.

You may not find it very easy to come by but it is worth trying. Once you have it ready, read it out loud and see if you can “feel it”. If not it means you need to redo it. If you finally write something which you can “really feel” It signals you have beaten both- The fear and Self Sabotage.

Once you have done that try condensing your bio into 2 sentences max. See if you can follow the instructions here.

Not that difficult right? you will know only if you try it 🙂

One of the most important thing that you need to watch for is being in a state of self doubt, limitations and boundaries that you have built around yourself consciously or unconsciously.

You will not like hearing it but we are continuously being served on the “reality” plate which ultimately becomes our mental cage. Let me explain… From the moment we start growing we are conditioned through sophisticated methods.

Education: You get educated to become a cog in the wheel, you are told you have to have that degree or diploma to get a job (and that’s the only thing you should do). And it’s a “x” year course for $$$$. If you have a tab on rising education cost and shrinking employment market you will know how lucky you are to have a job. Bam! it worked, Now you will never venture out doing something on your own.

But at the same time would you believe the fact that some of the Top Millionaires never bothered to get a college degree?

Heard of any of these guys?

Ted Turner
Ralph Lauren
Mark Zuckerberg
Michael Dell
Sheldon Adelson
Larry Ellison
Bill Gates
Steve Jobs

Companies of Millionaires like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Michael Dell employ half of the top educated tech minds…but they never completed their own degree.

Is there something they realized that most of the people will never do? You bet!

Advertising and Propaganda: Most of us think that the TV we have runs on our fingertips. We have the remote after all. Not quite! On the other hand,…What would you do if you did not watch TV? check your email, scroll your Facebook feed, play Pokemon go, surf internet or watch video’s on mobile phone? Yes damn right! Those are all the places where you will kill your valuable time, find the next “shiny object” to give yourself “instant gratification” and the worst, divert your attention from real issues, from reasoning and contemplation.
This will make you “ready” to accept the illusion as “reality” and compel you to get on the hamster wheel and run really fast.

TV or the idiot box is the single most powerful tool for mass control, what ever channel you put on, what ever you watch the “reality” is constructed for you. If you don’t exercise your own sense of reason and judgement. You will remain entangled in what you have been told and fail to question anything. If you are watching TV everyday to relax after your “office hours” you are doing the right thing…You will be on the Hamster Wheel for a long time to come.

Mind Control
This is a very controversial theory and its defined by Wikipedia as
human subjects can be indoctrinated in a way that causes “an impairment of autonomy, an inability to think independently, and a disruption of beliefs and affiliations.”

Here are some examples

Predictive Programming: You might think that this is bogus until you you examine a range of documentation by Alan Watt. I would like to bring your attention to what you have watched on Hollywood movies and thought they where far fetched or work of fiction and take a close look at the society around you…find anything manifesting into reality?

Sports, Politics, and Religion
You might not believe but Sports, Politics and Religion simply short circuit our natural tendency to cooperate for survival against a common enemy. These activities are  many a times used in the history as distraction into a non important event. So here you see the fact that a comment made by a celebrity will result in mass protest but a mention of liberty shall be giggled away. So there you have it…its about divide and rule. You have the Left and the Right in politics, Champs and Clubs in Sports and Accepted and not accepted in Religion.

Food, Water and Air
Additives, Cell Phone Frequencies, Military Grade Weather Warfare like HAARP, Toxins, GMOs and Food poison is getting into your body. Flouride in water reduces IQ, Aspartam and MSG unduly excites your brain cells till dead (excitotoxins). Best part they come in easily accessible fast foods and cold drinks that you regularly treat on with your family.

So the point is that the masses need to be in docility and apathy so that they can be easily ruled. All that is expected of you is “fall in place” do a job 9-5, spend here, here and there; sit in a cubicle everyday, commute and die one day. You are continuously being groomed to be passively receptive and in form of complete acceptance to what is happening around you.

For a normal person these facts and contradictions are too hard to handle and they never precipitate in front of normal population because no news channel finds it worthy of air time to pull in commercials.

Alright if you are thinking where is that thing about my reptile brain. The reptilian brain is the most ancient part of the brain and this reptilian complex is known to exist in all modern mammals including humans. It kicks in as an instinct to defend, dominate, protect and avoid risks and satisfies the most basic needs like food, habitation and sex.

Imagine being overpowered by an “complex” inside your brain that will tell you, nothing can be done, nothing is ever possible and everything is too risky. Well that my friend is an ideal “Peasant” or “Sheep” for you… good to pay the bills on time, keeps himself entertained and dies one day fighting with diabetes, blood pressure or cancer.

Remember the biggest war that you will fight is within your mind. You can just accept what you are told and survive, or reason, search, nurture and fuel your passion to thrive. The choice is yours.

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How many times have you failed? – Looking at yourself as third person

Productivity” by Scha Chua is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Are you able to look at yourself as a third person? How many times have you failed? What have you learned from it? Did you Improvise? Then did you hit success? Well if you didn’t you will surely soon.

You are in the select group of people who keep trying.

When you go through tough times and it passes, You realize that it was for a purpose.

Pain Pushes you until vision pulls you.

-Michael Beckwith 

You have to develop a productive routine for yourself and then get pulled into the Vision. (We will come to that)

So who want you become, how do you want to be known? If you have bit of clarity on that, the next big thing you will have to overcome is doubt, inhibition and fear of failure. These three monsters can keep any talented person in a “worthless state” for life time.

The important thing to note is once you have beaten the inertia and taken action these daemons will not be visible in miles. They just melt away and are gone.

Most of the successful people you see around seem so confident and doing some thing worthwhile everyday is because they are unstoppable. They are on fire on the things that they want to take action on. And what you see right now is one of there action points in the packed day.

Doubt, Inhibition and Fear of failure are not the only things that you will have to fight. You will also have to survive what your friends and family say and may be face even their rejection. Above all the technology might reject you as “unqualified” to go hand in hand with technology.

But let me tell you there are multiple ways to overcome your roadblocks and includes circumventing some to find what you are good at and it can help your make a connection with people.

The education to succeed is not like our typical education system. Where you have to necessarily sit in all the classes, pass the exam and only after get a certificate look for a Job. You are free to jump in anything you want. This allows you to digest and work on the things that are close to your interest and even if complicated, if well assimilated you begin to like them and put them to test.

So what do you like doing? What would you do if you where not doing what you do for living right now? Have you lost yourself, the one who knew well?

Every person born on earth is gifted with something. The thing is to find out what.

The sure shot way to success today is in leveraging what you have available and most of if freely. How about leveraging internet for what you do, or you want to do. Have you tried starting a business ever? have you tried to sell some thing ever? Is there something that other people can learn from you. Believe it or not everyone of us have a story worth telling. More if you don’t give up!

Today we are in a state of transformation, what seemed like a fad yesterday is turning into goldmine for people are seeing how exactly one can benefit from this transformation.

One point of time we thought that the physical world is different from the internet and treated it as a separate entity. We where not sure if enough people will go there. We thought that smartphones will never reach the masses. Or mobility will be limited to urban class.

Guess what every doubt we had about what internet could do is busted. Big corporations are struggling to keep up with the developments on the internet. Digical is replacing digital. People check what app the service has even before they try a service.

Next Steps

  1. Find out who what you are and what you want to do.
  2. Invest on your learning and don’t hesitate spend on yourself.
  3. Take action, grow and teach others.

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